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Unit Communications Offline Alarm

Description of Fault

A CATALYST Unit Communications Offline Alarm is an indication that a unit controller has lost connection to the CATALYST network.

A CATALYST Unit Communications Offline Alarm will automatically reset when the unit has regained connectivity to the network.

Possible Causes

A CATALYST Unit Communications Offline Alarm is typically caused by:

  • Interruption of power at the unit.

  • Uncommunicative radio.

  • Loose cable connection from the controller to client radio.



eIQ Platform

  1. Right click on unit name and click ping.

  2. If the ping does not bring the unit back online, then contact Transformative Wave.



  1. Verify that the unit disconnect is in the ON position.

  2. Verify that there is proper low voltage in the unit and that the smoke detector is not tripped.

  3. Check for power lights on the CATALYST controller.

  4. Verify that the client radio has power and signal lights on the status bar.

  5. Verify good cable connections between the radio and the controller.

  6. If the unit remains offline, contact Transformative Wave for further assistance at or (855) 867-2333.

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