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Supply Limit Fault

Description of Fault

A CATALYST Supply Limit Fault indicates the Supply Air Temperature has repeatedly exceeded the high or low limit setpoints provided to add a layer of equipment protection. A CATALYST Supply Limit Fault is generated when the Discharge Air Temperature rises above or below the High or Low Limit Alarm Setpoints multiple times over a period of 24 hours.

The Alert Stage will cause the fan speed to increase to maintain the respective High and Low setpoints. The Alarm Stage will disable heating and mechanical cooling to maintain the respective setpoints. A CATALYST Supply Limit Fault Alarm will automatically reset when the Discharge Air Temperature is within the safety range of 50°F and 135°F.


Possible Causes

A CATALYST Supply Limit Fault is typically caused by:

  • Blocked or restricted filters.

  • Blocked on restricted evaporative coils.

  • Restriction of airflow through the unit.

  • Mechanical malfunction in the unit including a loose fan belt.



eIQ Platform

  1. On the eIQ Platform, navigate to the Live View of the unit.

  2. Click on the Supply Air Temperature to view a chart of the unit’s recent supply air temperatures.

  3. Observe the number of occurrences that the supply air temperature was in the high or low limit range.

  4. A qualified service technician will need to investigate the equipment in order to determine the cause of the alarm.


  1. Access the Unit.

    1. Verify the filters are clean.

    2. Verify the evaporative coils are clean.

    3. Verify the return grills are not clogged.

    4. Verify nothing is restricting airflow.

    5. Verify the belt is properly adjusted.

    6. Verify equipment size suitability for area served.  

  2. Contact Transformative Wave for further assistance at or (855) 867-2333.

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