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Service Switch Off Alarm


Description of Fault

The CATALYST Service Switch is magnetically mounted inside the rooftop unit and can be used to test or troubleshoot the CATALYST install or unitary functions:


The service switch allows a damaged rooftop unit to be offline without losing its Internet connection to the eIQ Platform. If the rooftop unit houses the wireless access point: if that unit is not powered, then the entire installation will be missing from the eIQ.

If the service switch is left on any setting other than OFF, it will revert to AUTO after 30 minutes.

As a safety feature, the service switch must be manually removed from the OFF position. This ensures that a technician can safely work on the unit while the unit remains powered off.

The service switch also exists in software as part of the eIQ Platform, on the settings page for every rooftop unit’s live view:


The software service switch functions similarly as the hardware version found in the unit. All testing functions will remain for 30 minutes until reverting to AUTO. The software service switch must also be removed


Possible Causes

A CATALYST Service Switch Off Alarm is typically caused by:

  • The hardware service switch being left in the OFF position.

  • The software service switch being left in the OFF position.



eIQ Platform

In the eIQ unit live view, the unit will have the legend

On the unit status page, the service switch box will look like this:



  1. If the unit is only OFF from the soft switch, then clicking on it and choosing a new mode will make the change. It may require some time for the change to take effect.

  2. If the status does not change within two to three minutes, then the service switch is off inside the rooftop unit. Someone will need to check the hardware switch.



  • Confirm the position on the hardware switch.

    • If it is set to OFF, then verify whether there is a reason for it to be in the OFF position.

    • If it is not set to OFF, then check the software service switch from the eIQ Platform.

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