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Fan Belt/Motor Adjustment Fault

Description of Fault

A CATALYST Fan Belt/Motor Adjustment Fault is an indication of power spikes within the CATALYST variable frequency drive. It is typically caused by abnormal mechanical operation of the unit’s fan.  A normal operating fan assembly should have all components rotating smoothly without oscillation or vibration, and therefore should not cause power spikes.


A CATALYST Fan Belt/Motor Adjustment Fault will automatically reset if the drive goes an entire 24-hour period without seeing a power spike. 


Possible Cause

A CATALYST Fan Belt/Motor Adjustment Fault is typically caused by:

  • Worn, loose, or improperly adjusted belt.

  • Belt alignment issue.

  • Improperly adjusted sheave.

  • Loose or broken motor mount causing the motor to shake.

  • Worn bearings.



eIQ Platform

If the fault is on the EIQ platform it will be necessary for a trained technician to inspect the equipment for issues with the belt and/or motor assembly. There are no troubleshooting steps from the EIQ platform.



  1. Verify that the belt is in good condition and is adjusted to the proper tension.

  2. Verify that the alignment of the belt is adjusted correctly.

  3. Verify that there are no defects with the blower housing or squirrel cage.

  4. Verify that the bearings are in good condition.

  5. Verify that the sheave is adjusted properly and the set screws are tight.

  6. Verify that the motor shaft, and the blower wheel shaft are not damaged.

  7. If all components appear to be in good working order, the motor deceleration speed may need to be adjusted. Contact Transformative Wave for further assistance at or (855) 867-2333.

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