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Drive Fault

Description of Fault

A CATALYST Drive Fault Alarm is generated when the variable frequency drive (VFD) experiences a fault. An alarm will be annunciated following a 5-minute delay (adjustable). The exact nature of the drive fault will be annunciated through the Drive Fault point. During a Drive Fault, the fan will remain non-operational until the drive fault is cleared. The onsite Drive manual may be used as a reference in diagnosing and resolving the fault.

A CATALYST Drive Fault Alarm will automatically reset when the Drive Fault is cleared remotely through the eIQ Platform or locally at the drive.


Possible Causes

A CATALYST Drive Fault is typically caused by:

  • Protective measures to prevent drive or unitary damage.

  • Necessary unitary adjustments.

  • Mechanical failure.

  • Drive errors.



eIQ Platform

  1. On the eIQ Platform, navigate to the Settings page of the unit and locate the Drive settings box.

  2. Click the Reset Drive button.

  3. A Reset Drive box will appear.

    1. Enter “1212” in the Value box.

    2. Click Ok.

  4. Wait for a response from the drive.

  5. Monitor the Drive Status message in the Drive settings box.

    1. If the Drive Status reads Normal, monitor the unit for any recurring issues.

    2. If the Drive Status continues to show a fault or returns to fault, a technician will need to investigate the equipment to resolve the issue.

    3. The Drive Reset on the eIQ Platform should only be performed once. Any continued or recurring fault should be assessed by a technician.




  1. Access the variable frequency drive typically located in the blower compartment of the Unit.

  2. Read the face of the drive to identify the fault code being registered.

  3. Refer to the onsite drive manual for troubleshooting suggestions regarding the fault code.

  4. Make any necessary adjustments or repairs in regards to the fault and troubleshooting suggestions.

  5. If the fault has cleared, test the responsive of the fan by placing the Service Switch in any of the “Fan 100%” positions.

  6. If the fault has not cleared, contact Transformative Wave for further assistance at or (855) 867-2333.

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