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Retailers Leverage the CATALYST Across Their Portfolios

H&M uses the CATALYST and eIQ Platform to manages over 550 US locations

H&M values the portfolio tools the eIQ Platform provides to manage its portfolio.


Bartell Drugs Sees Energy Savings and Portfolio Insight with Transformative Wave's CATALYST and eIQ Platform

Across 42 facilities, with an average daily runtime of 16.8 hours, over the course of a one year period Bartell’s realized a 59% reduction in HVAC energy use with the installation of Transformative Wave’s CATALYST and eIQ Platform. The eIQ Platform provides Bartell’s with tangible control and insight over its portfolio equipment and store comfort. The eIQ fault detection consistently identifies problems immediately, which is then
communicated electronically. This unprecedented access to information allows Bartell’s to maintain a comfortable shopping experience for its customers for less than half of the energy it used the year prior.

Whole Foods Cuts Energy Costs & Improves Operations

Whole Foods in a nationwide natural grocer that leads the charge when it comes to energy efficiency and sustainability. See how they have used CATALYST technology to improve HVAC operations, reduced energy cost and consumption, and improved customer comfort.

Whole Foods Case Study

The Most Advanced Control Solution Meets You Where You're At

  • Reduces fan energy use by an average of 70%

  • Transforms HVAC Assets into Smart Machines

  • Delivers Scalable Building Automation Control 

Testimonials from Retail Operators


“The significant energy savings and quality installation process are just two of the reasons we selected CATALYST and Transformative Wave as our partner for RTU retrofits across the United States and Canada."

Mike Ellinger

Global Maintenance & Refrigeration Coordinator Whole Foods Market

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