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Industrial and Manufacturing

Industrial & Manufacturing Customers See Big Savings from the CATALYST

Main Machine Products Upgrades Their HVAC Systems with the CATALYST

By packaging both the HVAC and lighting upgrades, Maine Machine cut energy consumption and slashed their operational costs. These efficiency upgrades led to savings of over $110,000, which had a huge impact on profitability and competitiveness.
Along with the utility rebates available in their area, they were able to achieve these dramatic savings in just a 1.25 year payback.

The Most Advanced Control Solution Meets You Where You're At

  • Reduces fan energy use by an average of 70%

  • Transforms HVAC Assets into Smart Machines

  • Delivers Scalable Building Automation Control 

Testimonials from Industrial Operators

Urban View


"Based on the demonstrated energy savings and generally favorable payback, we believe the CATALYST is now a viable option for utilities to consider for inclusion in incentive programs."

Spenser Sator | Product Manager

Source Technology Assesment Service

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