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eIQ Platform Support

Work-around for TLS issues when using the eIQ Platform 

Recent browser updates have included a change that impacts the way the eIQ Platform displays unit live views on the webpage. The primary impact is an error page when attempting to navigate to live views.​

Transformative Wave recommends downloading and installing Firefox as an alternative browser. It can be downloaded here:


You will need to re-enable TLS 1.0 and 1.1 security protocols from the browser.  To do so, please open Firefox and open a new tab.  In the URL navigation bar type in about:config


From there, you will need to click the following prompt: After you enable, you will see the following:

Click Accept the Risk and Continue.

In the Search preference name, type in security.tls and change the following:

security.tls.version.enable-depreciated = true

security.tls.version.min = 2

Once those changes have been made, restart your Firefox browser and navigate to the following URL:

You will see the following

TW Login.jpg

That's it. Please restart your browser once you reach the page above and navigate normally to
Thank you for your understanding and continued use of the eIQ Platform.

This is a one-time change and after enabled, site live views will continue to function.

Please send any questions you may have to

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