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eIQ Platform

Stay Connected to Your Investments

CATALYST controllers can operate as stand-alone units or wirelessly networked together using the eIQ Platform, our web-based tool to remotely monitor comfort and performance.


Single pane of glass display for large portfolios

eIQ Platform Portfolio View

Using the eIQ Platform portfolio managers can quickly determine which locations, out of 100's, have comfort or performance issues. 

  • Easy filtering to highlight specific issues including Comfort, Heating Failure, Cooling Failure, and Communication issues.

  • Quickly drill-down from a Portfolio view to see issues at a specific location or to a individual HVAC unit.


The eIQ Platform provides real-time monitoring for up-to-date reporting, providing comprehensive diagnostics and fault detection

The Platform integrates with many existing Building Management Systems (BMS) and can utilize a preset or automated demand parameters to limit energy consumption. 

Capture and report the actual energy usage and savings of the installed devices.

Web-based Access

Seamless Integration

Preventative Monitoring

Connected 24/7

Works with your existing Assets

Fault Detection and Diagnostics

cell phone.png

Mobile Friendly 

Enhanced Ventilation Mode

Web-based Access

Monitor and Control your HVAC System from Your Phone

The Platform had been designed to be mobile friendly so you can keep an eye on employee and customer comfort from anywhere. 

The CDC has issued guidelines for commercial buildings to increase the amount of fresh outside air as a strategy for mitigating the spread of COVID-19. Enhanced Ventilation Mode is a new addition to the eIQ Platform, allowing facilities to make complex changes to their ventilation settings and schedules to meet those guidelines with "the push of a button

Enhanced Ventilation Mode for Fresher Air

Real-time Energy Consumption Monitoring

Actively monitor equipment including abnormalities which trigger alarms and notifications.

EMT-Awards-Top Products19.png

Energy Manager Today awarded the eIQ Platform Product of the Year for 2019

Some comments from the Judges

  • “Providing both fault detection and diagnosis for rapid response as well as M&V of energy savings, this system would seem to enable good energy management and support continuous commissioning.”

  • “Fault detection and catching issues before they occur is clearly a valuable tool for all energy managers. The embedded smart intelligence features and fault detection capabilities are impressive,”

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