Utility Incentives

Utilities nationwide recognize the CATALYST as a energy saving measure 

Utilities across the US are offering incentives and rebates for energy saving measures applied to existing buildings. These incentives can make a significant dent in the cost of applying the CATALYST. 

However the incentive process varies from utility to utility and can be confusing to navigate. Fortunately Transformative Wave has  specialists who know the ins and outs of each program and can help get the best incentives for your project.

Case Studies:

1: A beverage distributor in Arizona received $295,860.00 in : incentives from Arizona Public Service for two projects in the Phoenix area. These incentives covered almost 75% of the project cost.

2: In 2020 a national Quick-Service restaurant chain installed the CATALYST with BMS in 79 stores across 7 states. Despite widely varying programs across the 7 states and many locations that didn't quality they still received nearly $200,000.00 in incentives. 

Contact Us to schedule a demonstration and learn more about Utility Incentives in your area.

Utilities love the CATALYST