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Catalyst Lite

The most advanced variable speed fan conversion product on the market

More then just a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD)

Ideal for Integration with Existing BMS Systems

Clients who often benefit from CATALYST Lite usually have multiple sites and/or a portfolio of properties already managed by a building management system (BMS). CATALYST Lite can easily be applied in just a few short hours to any packaged rooftop unit (RTU) with a 3-phase supply fan motor. CATALYST Lite can typically be transferred from one RTU to another of the same size and horsepower with no additional programming needed. This is extremely beneficial to clients with aging equipment nearing end of life. These older RTUs can still be retrofitted along with newer units and deliver energy savings for years to come.


Utility Rebates and Incentives can pay for CATALYST Lite

Utilities across the country offer incentives for CATALYST installations. Some will cover 100% of the cost of a CATALYST Lite installation leaving you with ROI from energy savings on Day 1. 

Learn more on our Incentives page. 


CATALYST Lite is a powerful energy efficiency upgrade kit that converts constant volume HVAC systems from single-speed to variable-speed, reducing fan energy use by an average of 70%. It is unlike any other product on the market and offers key benefits that are not available with a simple VFD or drive product. As part of our CATALYST solution product line, CATALYST Lite maintains our commitment to basic system protections and proper ventilation unlike simple VFDs or low-tech drive products on the market.

Why choose catalyst Lite over a simple drive product?

The CATALYST Lite is a variation of the patented, award-winning CATALYST, the leading RTU Retrofit solution and the only product validated and tested by the U.S. Department of Energy, proving a average energy savings of over 55%


Protects the HVAC unit against airflow deficiencies, which can cause refrigerant flooding, coil icing, and high temperature conditions.


Recognizes economizer cooling calls, not just mechanical cooling calls, and increases fan speed.

Monitors smoke/fire detector signal to provide positive shutdown of the HVAC supply fan even if the VFD has been placed in a local control override.

Checks for a positive indication that the fan is running prior to allowing heating or cooling operation.

Assures code compliance and proper ventilation with synchronous control of the outside air damper position in conjunction with fan speed variations.

Integrates with most existing building automation systems to allow drive reset, fan speed override, or speed indication.

Installed by trained local technicians rather than roving installation teams, for long-term support to end-users.

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