Transformative Wave has a deep-rooted history in the HVAC and Mechanical Services industry. Formed nearly 10 years ago, the company's goal was to bring to market a line of game-changing HVAC technologies based on the patented CATALYST, the nation's leading retrofit product for rooftop HVAC systems. The CATALYST has been thoroughly tested and is industry-backed through dozens of utility trials, third-party studies, and client implementations.

Founded by HVAC experts and Engineers Justin Sipe and Danny Miller, Transformative Wave was created to deliver innovative technology that could better serve HVAC consumers, better the world, and change the expectation of rooftop HVAC technology. With these goals in mind, Transformative Wave developed into a leading innovator of HVAC retrofit technology and building automation solutions.

Our History

Transformative Wave dominates the HVAC market as the #1 provider of Advance Rooftop-Unit Control Technologies. The CATALYST portfolio is robust and each component is designed to provide organizations the most effective energy strategy. Headquartered near Seattle, Washington, the hardworking team at Transformative Wave is committed to providing our customers with innovative solutions. Through the dedication to change the HVAC industry, Transformative Wave has received numerous awards and recognitions not seen by its competitors in the industry.


  • Awarded “Top Product of the Year” by Energy Manager Today

  • Named “Top Game-Changing Technology” by E Source

  • Only Product Tested by the United States Department of Energy as Advanced Rooftop Controller

  • Named “Technology Deployment of the Year” by the Association of Energy Service Providers

  • Two-Time Defense Energy Technology Award-Winner



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Danny Miller


Justin Sipe

A history of innovation and development



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